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    ObamaCare Debacle

    Let’s face it: isn’t working right. Turns out the Obama administration received warnings as early as March that its now-troubled health insurance enrollment website was falling behind schedule and heading for a problematic roll-out, according to documents released by GOP officials probing the botched introduction of the reform law. Not only are customers having trouble logging on and finding the right coverage options, but only forty thousand people have even visited the website. The administration hopes that at least 80% of all Americans might join those 40,000 by the end of the month. As the administration scrambles to meet a promised end-of-November deadline to ensure that works for the “vast majority” of users,…

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    School Shooting in Nevada

    NEVADA– Gunshots have once again rang through the halls of one of America’s educational institutions. Students at Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada were the targets of an unnamed gunman on Monday. The shooter was a student, armed with a semiautomatic pistol he stole from his parents, and had “no clear motive for the shootings” said a representative for the local police department. Students described to CNN how they ran into the school screaming and crying when they realized the pops they heard were gunshots just before the morning bell welcomed them back from fall break. The gunman wounded two 12-year old students, who are now both in stable condition. Before ending his life with…


    Rockstar’s Second Billion

    On September seventeenth, Rockstar released their new hit game, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5). Within the first two weeks of its release, GTA5 made the company well over $1 billion, $800 million coming from day one alone. They even broke even from pre-orders alone, bringing in $265 million dollars before it was even released! Rockstar is essentially swimming in money right now.
    On October first, two weeks after the release of their hit game, the online game mode was launched. The online game mode would allows players to interact with each other in the GTA5 world, partaking in activities such as heists, robbing small stores, tennis, golf, watching in game films, racing, diving, and many other…


    Oracle Team USA Sailing Team Scandal

    Just days before the start of the international sailing championship, America’s Cup finals, a  jury on Tuesday found Larry Ellison’s Oracle Team USA guilty of cheating, expelled a key sailor and two shore crew and docked the team two races. The penalty is the most severe in America’s Cup history and means that when defending champion Oracle Team USA faces powerful challenger Emirates Team New Zealand in the best-of-17 series beginning Saturday, Oracle must win 11 races to retain the trophy, and the New Zealanders only need to win nine. Effectively, the team starts the regatta two races behind. Oracle Team USA will also be fined $250,000. The scandal is a problem to the defending…

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    FHS Tiger Roar 2013-2014

    Welcome back for yet another school year, and hello to new faces and a fond farewell to those who have graduated and moved on to bigger and better things.
    This year at the Tiger Roar, Fairview High School’s online news publication, there are some new changes we deem necessary to announce, as well as some carry-overs from last year’s staff.
    First, we’d like to say goodbye and good luck to the outgoing newspaper and yearbook adviser, Sara Kim, who was responsible for the past half-decade’s prosperity and all the awards that were given to the yearbook and newspaper, including several Pennsylvania Press first place ribbons. She leaves the student publications class in capable hands, and we wish…

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Walking for Cure

Walking For A Cure
Every three minutes there is a new diagnosis of breast cancer in the United States. This means that approximately 230,480 women and 2,140 men are diagnosed every year. As if that wasn’t enough, this high diagnosis percentage means that 39,520 women and 450 men in the U.S. die from this disease annually. Though it’s not something we think about often, breast cancer clearly has a bigger impact on our country than we realize. However, one organization is looking to do something about that.
Each year, The Avon Foundation hosts different walks across the country to help fund various research studies and clinics. The Avon Two-Day Walk for Breast Cancer is one of, if…


Justin Bieber’s Latest Exploits

Justin bieber was a role model for many young fans until recent events. Bieber started his career  on Youtube making singing videos before agent Scooter Braun discovered the young singer and Usher signed him to his record label. He was born on March 1, 1994 in Ontario, Canada. His full name is Justin Drew Bieber, and he grew up with his two supportive parents Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber. He also has a half-brother and half-sister. In his free time Justin likes to play basketball, play hockey . . . and vandalize storefronts with graffiti. He even had a star role in the TV show Crime Scene Investigation and his own movies Never say Never…


Rising Game: DayZ

It’s the middle of the night, and I was being followed. I hear them coming towards me. Their voices growing louder and louder as they approach my choice of shelter. I’m hiding in a small shed with nothing but a rusty wrench to defend myself against the three armed bandits that saw me looting their “base”.
“Come out and we won’t kill you!” one of them calls to me as I hide in the corner. A blatant lie–they had just seen me take most of their food and now they wanted revenge.
Close and closer they came until they were finally at the door. As the first guy opened the door he called out my position, but…


Rising Game: Starbound

First there was Minecraft, then there was Terraria, and now we have Starbound. Starbound, much like Terraria, takes the creative and free aspects of Minecraft and puts them into a 2D world. Many people ask “What is the difference between Starbound and Terraria then? Why should I purchase this instead?”
Well for starters, this game is more forgiving to new players. It has a “tutorial” of sorts, presented in the form of quests. These tutorial quests lead into something bigger: a story. Unlike Minecraft and Terraria where there is literally no story and players are free to create and do whatever they want, Starbound has a plot and story that flows nicely with the aspect of…

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell: Where are they now?

Saved by the Bell was a popular T.V. show in the 80’s and 90’s. If you talk to the right people, it’s still popular today. Although it has been a while since the show ended in 1993, there are still re-runs on MTV so that the newer generation can discover it and the old generation can remember it. Have you ever wondered where the cast is today? What have they all been up to? At least some of them have led successful lives and careers after the show ended.
You all remember the lovable blonde boy Zach Morris, right? He was played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who now has three kids and plays an attorney named Peter…


Leonardo DiCaprio: A Small Biography

Leonardo DiCaprio is the epitome of talent! Also, he is pretty gorgeous. In his 38 years of life, he has been in 25 different films, and has won 24 awards. The fact that he hasn’t won an Oscar yet is astounding to people! He is a flawless actor and a genuinely good person. He has made films such as 11th Hour to showcase all of the bad in this world and also to show how you can make a change. He actually supports around 20 charities. The reason he is so celebrated is because he isn’t just beautiful on the outside, he also has inner beauty.
Leo was born in Los Angeles, California, to his mother…


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Should Violent Media Be Censored?

Should graphic and disturbing media, with an emphasis on video games, be censored? After the Supreme Court struck down California’s infamous state-wide banning of violent or graphic video game sales to minors, there’s no doubt as to whether or not it’s legal or constitutional. Our most paraded and important rights as United States citizens, Freedom of Speech encompasses such wide categories as disturbing video games, movies, and books. Therefore, it’s perfectly legal to sell uncensored media that may have undesirable content contained within its pages, yet the question remains: should we? While the industry’s (video games, publishing houses, broadcasting channels, etc) opinion is that of a resolute “no,” politicians, scientists, and even doctors frequently bring…


Rob Ford Hilarity

Toronto’s scandal-plagued mayor said he’s smoked crack “maybe once” and said the city council has no business stripping him of his powers, implying in a television interview Tuesday that many councilors are guilty of similar behavior. So good old Bobby Ford said he has “declared war” after the council acted in response to his admitted crack cocaine use and binge drinking and a series of outbursts in recent days. This is the mayor of the largest city in Canada. THE MAYOR. AND HE’S SMOKING CRACK. But then again, he could stand to lose some weight, and the whole “crack” thing might just help him do that. Ford repeatedly has refused to step down or take…


The Drug Problem of Schools

        Drugs and alcohol have always been prevalent within schools; teenagers keep finding ways to get access to them no matter how hard a parental figure or administrative adult tries to stop them. But now some of us have reached the point of not caring that students of schools participate in the illegal activity of the intake of illegal substances, or underage drinking. Some administration has even been said to turn the other cheek, covering up a student that used an illegal substance so that neither the school nor the student would receive any negative repercussions as a result.
        Sports teams in particular are receiving immunity from any negative repercussions surrounding both drugs and alcohol….

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